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My Story

I am Sunil kumar, 27 year old CA and CMA from Hyderabad.

I was working with Amazon as Site Financial controller for Amazons’ world’s biggest CS site. I have quit my job at Amazon for working on fund raising campaign for this expedition as I felt it is my responsibility to give my 100% for the cause of sustainability through my participation in this historic expedition.
My first encounter with Antarctica:
I have already been to Antarctica in 2015 as a part of International Antarctic expedition and you can see the pictures and other video files of the same in my face book page or gallery section in the website.

What I have done after the trip?

I have worked towards spreading the awareness and bringing sensitivity towards clean energies in the following ways since my last visit :

(a) Convinced 10 schools to fully go renewable
(b) Shared my experiences with thousands of people through writing and publishing blogs , giving interviews to media (  Print , TV and Online media )
(c) Guided around 40 people to work on their fund raising plans to visit Antarctica
(d) Ideated a concept of linking customer rewards with sustainability in a sharing economy . This will impact millions of customers of companies like Amazon , Uber , Ola , Big basket . Blog link is as follows :
Blog link on my Linkedin profile
The same idea was accepted by Amazon World wide team for internal review. If they accept this idea , it will be a gigantic step towards bringing sensitivity towards Mother nature etc
What I will do after this expedition?
I am fully confident that this upcoming Green expedition will equip me with experiences and inspiration to change the perspective of Young people towards clean energies.
I am working towards involving people increasing awareness among people about clean energy during my fund raising also. That's the reason I am Requesting everyone to contribute only Rs.1 for every 1 kilometer I walk in Antarctica. This is not an individual journey but a journey of India as a nation to lead the world in clean energy.
I am ready to bet my life on clean energy in Antarctica and hit century by walking 100 kilometers. I wish the common man of India like you also hit century with rupee in your pocket to bring glory to India.
Your rupee is never so powerful. Rupee in your pocket has power to make India lead the world in clean energy.
Come join me in making India lead the world in Clean energy .

Next Steps...

Contribute Rs.1 for every 1 kilometer I walk in Antarctica carrying Indian flag . I am going to walk 100 kilometers.