Sir Robert Swan appealing

 Sir Robert Swan , leader of this expedition and first person on the planet to walk to both North Pole & South Pole, is working relentlessly for the cause of sustainability and clean energy since 30 years. He explains in his video message :why this expedition? why he invited Sunil ? why every Indian should support Sunil? and What support to this expedition means to India as a country?

Shri Malla Reddy appealing

Shri Malla Reddy garu, Chairman of 34 educational institutions ranging from KG to PG under Malla reddy group of institutions and current MP of Malkajgiri constituency supported Sunil by contributing to the campaign and appealed to Indian youth to support Sunil in this historic expedition in his video message.

South Pole Energy Challenge Last Degree

I am invited by Sir Robert Swan to join World's first South Pole expedition surviving solely on clean energy (solar/wind/biofuels). Only 10 countries are provided an opportunity in this historic expedition. I am proud that India got an opportunity and I got the responsibility to lead the nation in it.

The challenge is to walk to South Pole 100 kilometers for 10 days carrying Indian flag battling -40 to -50 degree temperatures, 200 miles/hr wind speed using only clean energy . We will cook our food using solar technology from NASA, move our body using wind power and communicate with my family of 100 crore Indians using biofuels.

NASA, Zero Mass water ,Siemens , ABC power, Goal Zero and Shell are the technology partners for this historic happening.

The main motto of the expedition is "If clean energy works in the World's harshest part i.e Antarctica , it will work anywhere." I am proud to represent India to make India member of the 10 privileged countries in the world to take part in World’s first pole expedition surviving solely on Clean energy (solar, wind and bio fuels). India will be torch bearer to the entire world in Clean energy.This expedition is going to change the way people see clean energy. It is a proud moment that India is one of the 10 nations who got invited and  I am fortunate and humbled to represent and lead India in this historic attempt. Its history in the making and I strongly desire India to be part of this .

This historic attempt requires an expenditure of INR 92 lakhs. It comprises of INR 58 lakhs for expedition fee and INR 34 lakhs for training , travel ,equipment.

We all come together as a nation of 100 crore when ever there is a natural calamity like Hud Hud etc. But this is an opportunity to come together for preventing calamities like Hud Hud by promoting clean energy.

Come .Join me in making the planet a better place to live.

Together we can make it.

"The greatest threat to the planet is the belief that someone else will save it"

- Robert Swan

Next Steps...

Contribute Rs.1 for every kilometer I walk in Antarctica carrying Indian flag . I am going to walk 100 kilometer.

My story of what I have done till now and my plans after the expedition :